Services Provided

  • TRAUMA – Covering all phases of trauma
  • DEPRESSION – Dealing with depression with a holistic approach using mindfulness relaxation techniques
  • GRIEF & LOSSWorking through the phases of mourning & loss ~ EMDR treatment for complicated grief loss issues.
  • WELLNESS & PERSONAL GROWTH – Guidance for transitions of your life ~ To enhance your self-esteem and wellness
  • SEXUAL ABUSE – Assessment & Treatment for all phases of sexual abuse. Individual ~ Couple ~ Family Treatment. Providing guidance and support for partners of sexual abuse survivors
  • POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER – Assessment & Treatment for identifying the different phases of PTSD
  • CREATIVE VISUALIZATION & GUIDED IMAGERY – Creative visualization using special techniques that enhance well being and healing.
  • PHONE SESSIONS – Whether you need counseling, coaching, or support in moving forward-phone sessions can benefit you in many ways. They can serve you when you can’t find time to make it to the session in person; they can supplement your in person sessions, or if there are periods of time when you can’t get to sessions they can serve as a bridge in a time of need until you can get to the other side to balance out your life.